Tired of wasting hours on image optimisation for your responsive site? Need to improve your pagespeed? Let Focuspoints do it for you!
One-click image optimisation on screen size, focal point and bandwidth
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Step 1: Upload your image

Found the perfect image for your content? Just upload it to our service, or integrate your favorite CMS. Let us know.


Step 2: Select the focal point of your image.

You want people to look at the best part of your carefully selected image, of course. Select the part of your picture you want to emphasize, and let Focuspoints crop and resize the right variants for each device and screen dimensions.

Don't worry, we'll host them for you, you just need to select one link.

select focal point

Your FocusPoint will be displayed correctly. Every time, on any device.

Publishing multiple sizes of images is easy, thanks to Focuspoints. You won't have to send images larger than they have to, and best of all; you don't have to compromise on quality.

display focal point

Why use Focuspoints

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Optimized for any device

Your images will always be shown correctly on any screen, with your carefully picked focal point in plain view.

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Free updates

FocusPoints is always up to date and is available for all major browsers, with free plugin updates for your CMS.

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One source image is all it takes

You won't have to juggle different image sizes, crop or resize manually. Just let Focuspoints do it for you.

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Improve your website experience

No more out-of-frame backgrounds. Your visitor will see the website as you intended. And it'll load faster too.

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Free plugin for your favorite CMS

We'll make sure Focuspoints will integrate seamlessly with your favorite CMS.

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High Available Hosting

Your images will be delivered at high speeds, with additional safeguards against attacks or hardware failure.